Mini Tech Fair

The unique Mobile Mini Tech Fair takes the most up-to-date IT improvements to any part of the country to introduce the tech sector to children who are interested.

At the Mini Tech Fairs the children have the opportunity to see the everyday life of a tech expert, they can meet the most up-to-date technologies and devices, and try what it is like to work at a tech company.

Children can also meet tech volunteers at the events who speak about their everyday work, the advantages and challenges they have to face at their workplace. It can be a good opportunity for the visitors to meet their future employers or get a suitable job or internship places.

Are you interested in the Mini Tech Fairs? Would you like to try them? Visit our EVENTS and check out where the next Mini Tech Fair will take place.

Would you like the Mini Tech Fair to visit your institution as well? Please, send an email to, and the STEM Platform Office will help you to organise the Mini Tech Fair.