Children’s University

Lectures and practice-oriented interactive programmes for young students.

The goal of our Children’s University is to introduce digitalization in a practice-oriented, informative and playful way. Children can get acquainted with the most modern technological devices under the direction of an experienced teacher. By the end of the camp the children will be familiar with the modern information society and digital world, moreover the acquired information will also be useful at the time of their career orientation.

During the Children’s University young students can learn the basics of LEGO robot programming. They can build robots, observe and control their movements with the help of different sensors and motors.

They can hear a lot of interesting things about mathematics, which help them understand the simplicity and beauty of this difficult subject.

At these events children will have the opportunity to learn more about 3D printing as well. At some locations the children will have the chance to design and print unique products.

Are you interested in the Children’s University? Would you like to visit them? Check our EVENTS and find out where the next Children’s University will take place.

Would you like to have a Children’s University at your institution? Please, send an email to and the STEM Platform Office will help you to organise the event.